Sunday, February 8, 2009

Challenges are everywhere

They're everywhere! They're everywhere!

Yes, challenges lie around EVERY corner of life - because life is change! One either learns to adapt, to learn and do new things, or one slowly but surely DIES! That is the basic law of nature. So why do so many people fight change? Why are we still arguing a theory that, to my way of thinking, fits the basic story of Judeo-Christian Creation "Stories," is accepted in the scientific community and continues to show itself in life all around us? Why do we argue evolution when we use it to improve foods, computer programs, medicines; and to be evolved by the changes that life brings?

You don't accept that we do? Well, are you seriously finding pure-bred farmers that will sell you meat that ABSOLUTELY hasn't had ANY genetic changes for millions of years? Impossible, and you are only fooling yourself if you don't think so. Life is about finding ways to improve everything - that's why God gave us brains - to think, investigate, improve -- because we are CO-CREATORS with God. We help the divine recreate the world and our lives by the moment.

I've worked in a furniture plant, laid ceramic tile, cleaned carpet, worked in a fruit-dry-yard, mowed lawns, done maintenance work, been a security guard, been a pastor, worked on farms, worked in restaurants, and now am in retail - constantly learning to change in order to live. I accept that challenges will come, and I need to learn to face them, learn from them, and overcome them. My wife has constantly done the same with health and work issues. She finds that knitting is her stress relief, for me it is computer gaming - pretty hard when my gaming partner works days, and I work nights, but we manage.

Life is change; life is NOT static, it doesn't stagnate unless we let it do so. So, my words to you? Simply learn to grow, to change, to adapt - and join God in the creative process. LIFE, CHANGE, GROWTH, CHANGE, REALITY, CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE.


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