Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bugs

Well, with the crazy winter weather that Colorado has had, and the plethora of bugs that are enjoying the situation, one finally took residence within my body. I'm hacking away, to the point co-workers were asking my beloved to take me home, and coming over to ask if I was OK, would I make it, and similar such questions. Since finances are such that I cannot afford to be off work, thus short hours and money, my stock answer is, "Don't worry about me until you find me lying in the aisle, not moving at all." That usually gets a grin, perhaps a smart response, and we are back to work.

I've been approached by a church about the possibility of candidacy for their pastoral position. I've read the profile, talked with my beloved, and indicated a willingness to go forward. It's still way to early to have a clue where this bug will lead, but it is there and tickling interest. The church is closer to our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. It is also closer to the Great Lakes, hence in the snow belt that has been getting hammered this winter with snow, cold and storms.

Another bug that has been inching into the picture is a return to an earlier avocation - fishing. They do a lot of fly fishing here, but there are also lakes and reservoirs that will yield bass, crappie, sunnies, and walleye. Dad, I'm thinking of you, and just might try to get out on Bonnie for those walleyes we never got a chance to tackle together! Son, I don't think I'll get the thrill you got with your first Northern pike, because they aren't around here.

Still another bug niggling at the back of things is the bug to start writing again, working on stories that have floated for years, and see if there might be a retirement enhancing possibility there. I've thought of a variety of genres to write in, and dabbled, but never sought publication. Some day!

For now the issue is getting rid of this nasty cold that seems to be double parked in my nose and chest - and the faster the better! Here's hoping you all avoid such nasties!!


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