Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life's Surprises

Well, after just about deciding that my final years of productive work would be as a manual laborer working graveyard shift, life pulled another surprise - two churches have recently contacted me about the possibility of becoming their pastor. And more surprising, both are from the theological spectrum end that I most identify with - the left, or liberal, or progressive. I'm providing requested information and seeking to be forthright and forthcoming in meeting their requests to see where this goes. That isn't to say I've tried to hide information from other churches in the past, just that I'm trying to be as up front as possible.

I've also simply shook my head as I listened to the corporate spiel about the Employee Free Choice Act - "it will take away your right to a private vote!" Fear the union! They aren't interested in you! Well, while they might not be quite what they started out as, the unions are there to protect the workers and to see that there is accountability on the part management. And if a company doesn't want to have a union gain power, perhaps they should consider accomplishing for their people what unions are there for - accountability, fair treatment for all, fair pay and hours. It's not that difficult, people! It's just sad that corporate America feels a need to resort to scare tactics and lies to try to stop legislation to help laborers have the option to ask for union representation.

Life is full of surprises, and those surprises can keep life interesting and chase away boredom! So enjoy life's little surprises - the enjoyable things that happen unexpectedly, the humorous things that bring a smile or even a belly laugh, the old friend who pops out of the "woodwork" to reconnect with us.


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