Monday, April 13, 2009


Once again, I have been reminded of how difficult it can be to teach someone. The last two nights at work I've been given the responsibility of training people new to our position. The first night, it was an intense young man who now plans to work two jobs for a total of about 60 hours a week. He was quick to pick up the basics, but had some difficulty understanding a couple of points - like keeping the work area clean, and following spacing directions as printed on the labels for the items we stock. Last night, it was a fellow who is around my age, formerly a trucker, a widower with two teens, and pretty much determined to do it his way - or not. As the night began, he followed me around like a puppy, but as it progressed he became more determined to follow his own inclinations - not following spacing directions, not straightening the shelves, and not staying in the area to which he was assigned. I understand he doesn't want to work where he is and is talking with another employee who feels the same way, and they are seeking to switch positions. It might be for the best, because he says he has a bad back, and the bending and lifting we need to do is causing discomfort.

As the night ended last night, I asked the young man which he liked better - foods or paper goods and chemicals - and he replied with real feeling that he preferred paper and chemicals much better! Such is life. I think he can work well, depending on how well he learns to grasp those two points about a clean work area and following spacing directions on labels.

I'm trying to learn and do more as things move along. I had the overnight support manager show me how to prepare overstock cases for the back room and how to assign them to a bin for easier inventory management. I also set a feature near the cash registers. So things continue, and life's lessons continue to come, bringing new challenges and new joys.


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