Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hard Work

I have been reminded recently about the old adage that hard work pays off - how? I'm at a lower weight now than I have been in over 2 decades thanks to the work I'm doing as an overnight stocker for Wal-Mart! I've been wearing a smaller belt my loving wife and daughter bought for me one day when I forgot a belt working for Walgreen's - and my pants kept sliding off my hips! Two days ago, I buckled it in the last notch it came with without even sucking in my stomach! And the smaller pairs of jeans I bought to work at Wal-Mart can be pushed down over my hips quiet easily while zipped and buttoned!! Cause for rejoicing, let me tell you!

I've tried diets, and lost to gain it back, but that was also when I was in a job that was very sedentary - as opposed to this one, where I'm most usually on the run from the time the nightly meeting is over until I'm ready to clock out.

See, regardless of your goal, hard work does pay off - though not always in the way we hoped! I don't want anyone to think they can work hard and gain a miracle just because of my success at losing weight. I'll give you an example from our family history - my wife had a cousin whose wife was diagnosed with cancer. She was a very strong and conservative Christian who believed her prayers would result in God healing her (she had four children and a husband who was a doctor), and refused treatment because of her beliefs. I think, knowing them, she worked hard at her approach - and died! Sometimes you just need to given in and see that doctor, and trust their expertise in the area of your health! Sometimes, as in my case, I'm simply accomplishing part of what they told me, and reaping the benefits! More exercise has a huge impact on health.

May success follow from your hard work! Peace!

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