Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unthinking, unfeeling "Christians"

Once again, I'm reminded that there are those who claim to follow the Prince of Peace, by flaming the fires of hate, bigotry and war! Yes, I just read about a fundamentalist church planning to burn the Quran on their church property, no doubt claiming it is an act of free speech, totally oblivious to the harm they put US troops in, and probably without a thought to how outraged they would be if militant Muslim in another part of the world burned a Bible.

Seriously, how can one claim to be a disciple of Jesus and blatantly disregard the teachings of the Master? How can so called educated Westerners continue to act like backwater bumpkins whose only concern is how to make themselves look more foolish and stupid, no matter who will pay the price? Perhaps the members of said "church," and I use the word loosely, should be conscripted en mass and sent to the Taliban infested areas of Afghanistan to serve right along side the very troops they are willing to jeopardize to inflame anti-US and anti-Christian sentiment.

It is truly time for Christians to practice the teachings of the Master, not the genocidal rantings of a people bent on conquest and annihilation. I realize the Jewish people of any day are as varied as any other group, but their history through the biblical account is one of war, to conquer the Promised land by wiping out those who were there before them, or as other groups sought to conquer them. I've had very good and close friends who were Jewish that are as baffled as most of the rest of us about the continued settling of Palestinian lands even while the rhetoric of peace is bandied about in political circles.

God is God for all, where called Great Spirit, the Almighty, Allah, or some other name. God is bigger than our human tendencies to try to cramp the Creator into a box and label it ours and ours alone. No human camp of thought or belief holds a monopoly on God. It is time we grew up, recognized our similarities and use them to improve this planet we were given as a home, to be stewards of, caretakers, co-creators with God Almighty, sisters and brothers with the Prince of Peace.


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