Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Writer Gets It Right

I'm reading a book by Dennis McKiernan, continuing a series I started a while back. In this book, an elven leader addresses the issues of vows and pledges from that race's point of view. The elves, in this book, are immortal but can be killed. Because they live forever, and each day is the first step along their lifelong mission of gaining knowledge and wisdom in the pursuit of serving others. Because of this they view pledges as things to be considered and treated very carefully. The elven leader tells two of the wee folk that unless they both tend to the common ground upon which they wish to build their pledges, the common ground will wilt and become sterile. This is true not only of the two's personal vows of love, but also to the common ground of community.

That seems particularly true in our lives at this point. Personally, we are working through a difficult situation, and by commonly working to strengthen our personal bond, we are finding the love and strength to support each other through this time.

Our national community is in desperate need of that same understanding of common ground where ALL CITIZENS need to work together to strengthen our country. The extreme divisiveness of this current climate will do more to hurt our country than any claimed good. Democrats, Republicans and Independents need to work together to solve the issues currently facing our citizens rather than pledging to spend all their efforts to destroy the others.

With that apparently beyond politicians, I call upon all my fellow citizens to turn out and vote in the 2010 midterm elections. And when you vote, vote for the good of the country, not for a political party line, or for the most emotional speakers. Take a good look at what is being proposed, think not just of yourself, but of the country as a whole, remembering that famous inscription on the Statue of Liberty, for it truly expresses what has made us great as a nation in this wide world. Take seriously your responsibility as well as your right, cast your vote intelligently and responsibility!


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