Friday, October 24, 2008

News Commen

A comment on the news tonight prompts me to add to the blog - the word used in conjunction with the upcoming elections was complacency - one could also read apathy. Why would this lead me to write? Because too often in all areas of life, I have seen needed change fail simply because people didn't want to put themselves out, didn't want to take a stand, didn't feel comfortable enough around family and friends to be able to speak their mind - do what they knew was right - decided they just didn't matter!

What's wrong with our nation that people feel THEY don't matter? Wasn't this nation founded on "government for the people, by the people and OF the people"? When did we lose the will to be the government? Was it when politicians decided they knew better than we what we wanted? Because we could have voted them out - even if WE were wrong in that action. Was it when networks started "projecting" who won, long before WE got to the polls - because the media never makes a mistake, right, Mr. Dewey?

What it really comes down to is this - simply stated - WE STILL CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT WHEN WE CHOOSE TO!! If we pay attention, and apply more than simply fear (the great weapon right now of the Republican Party) and actively pursue our citizen rights and DUTIES, we can determine the direction of our government.

THAT is a lesson that is sorely needed among all ages, professions, races and people in this great land - for then we can begin to right the listing ship, find the course we were truly set upon by the founders of our nation and recognize that because there is a D behind my name and an R behind you doesn't make either of us demons trying to destroy the nation.

So I issue a challenge to all, look to the person who you face in a discussion. Be proud of your convictions, but open to learning something that might change them. Watch your legislators all the way up or down the line and if they don't live up to their oath of office, vote them out of office. Don't EVER let someone belittle, shame or intimidate you into giving up your rights as a citizen of this country. Don't EVER view this land as perfect or God's chosen image of society, because we are far too small, far too little of mine and far too finite to make those considerations!

Vote, or don't bitch about what happens in the nation afterward. I might be disappointed in the results, but if thinking, caring, God (by whatever name) fearing people speak, I'll abide the decision and work again and again and again for the changes I believe are necessary for us not to simply become another failed society in world history.


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