Monday, October 6, 2008

A Winning Argument

A college classmate of my daughter pointed out powerfully just how low the Republican Party has sunk in this current electoral year - declaring the the pit bull hockey mom with lipstick and a thing for Joe-Six-Pack won the VP debate simply because she didn't wallow in her ignorance and her running mate's ineptness. Marty was perhaps a bit more graphic in his language than I would have been, but he's right on the point!

How is it that we are supposed to applaud someone who refuses to answer questions, can't think on her feet, and is stuck with a large vocabulary of cliches, while we are to ignore a seasoned veteran of the Capital Hill on-going skirmishes who kept his answers concise, identified his sources and pointed out all the places his opponents were whacked out on something?

How is it that independent observers and pollsters are wrong while people like a screeching banshee Pat Buchanan proclaims the wonders of this Republican ticket? Why is the distant past of a community organizer relevant to the the Democratic candidate who worked in the same communities, but was a militant radical of the 60s when the candidate was in third grade; while a more recent and more closely connected relationship between the Republican candidate and the mastermind of the Savings and Loan collapse is considered acceptable?

Why? Because we have become a nation that wants easy answers from people that will make us feel good, tell us what we want, and not challenge us to grow into what we should be on our own! Because we are brainwashed not to pay attention to the fact that Republicans have given us the biggest deficit in history, and the biggest federal government in many, many a year - destroying our economy, saddling us with leaders that are either idiots or crooks.

Wake up, folks, and let's take our country back, really working to address not only the ills of other nations but also the social ills of our own nation. We may be great (and I think we are) but we certainly have much to correct within our own borders and our own hearts! It's time to become responsible for our own actions, active in our own successes. It's more than time!

No peace without social conscience and social justice!

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