Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our World

Isn't it amazing that in a world as badly messed up as ours that we Americans can get so wrapped in our own worries to the point no one else matters? Isn't it sad that we forget what made us who we HAVE BEEN in the world was a willingness to reach out to those poor people in those other countries we NOW cannot stand, and now all we can do is scream about pulling our borders in tighter, or killing the bastards that have had enough of our arrogant assumption that ours is the only way our world can function.

We have two candidates for President that represent polar opposites on the spectrum of how we return to our role as world leaders - one desiring to continue a policy of bomb not and question later - offering an apology to the innocents destroyed by our indiscriminate wars, and one who offers the restoration of diplomacy and reason in our relations. Want proof that one is right and the other dead wrong? Consider the lack of respect we have in the world now. Consider that the Cold War of the Reagan era is back in full force, that nuclear proliferation is only a few pen strokes away - of course that term ONLY applies to those we hate and want to see broken, decimated, destroyed and begging for our help.

Consider that one candidate has a plan that would reduce our taxes by about $900 while the other's "compassionate" plan would cost me about that much more in taxes.

Consider that one has found the necessity of lying, using innuendo; while the other has continued to hold before us the hope of a changed future, or people working across the aisle and of our reputation restored not only with our enemies, but also with our allies whom we have sorely insulted and alienated.

It should become clear, as Kieth Olbermann, others we know and a college friend of our daughter believe that the ONLY HOPE for change in the upcoming election is with the election of the first person of color, the only person in this election who truly understanding the hope America offers - Barak Obama!

John McCain, as a close friend who knew him as a young naval officer shared, is closely acquainted only with the privilege of the privileged, the wonder of the ability of money to do what all else might fail to do. If we want to send a message that our future lies in a different direction, then we must send the strong, clear, unequivocal message that the last eight years have been too much - a balanced budget destroyed, a strong economy decimated, the image of America the helpful tarnished so badly we will need many years or a miracle to restore it - will not be acceptable! A continuation of this administration's policies and practices is NOT ACCEPTABLE to the American people.

That is why I agree with Marty, Kieth, and a growing coalition of persons Democratic and Republican and Independent who believe we must elect Barak Obama President and show the world we are truly better than we have been.

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