Monday, September 1, 2008

Hard Work and Respect

Another of life's lessons has shown itself in my continued odyssey at Walgreens. When you work hard and respect people, some of them will take care of you.

An example, today I opened the store, arriving at 7:20 and clocking in before my 7:30 start time and started getting things ready for the day, another worker arrived at 9, and at 11:30 asked if she could take lunch. The Assistant Manager and another co-worker were genuinely incensed that she would ask that when that co-worker and I had neither had lunch yet. She was told brusquely that "No! You can't go to lunch when people who started before you haven't been able to have lunch yet!"

In their defense, she is one who isn't about to miss a break or be late by her determination for lunch or leaving - and she won't clock in early either. She handles jobs she is assigned well, but simply asked to cover the front, she will stand with her arms crossed and her legs crossed and smile at everyone. I think she can become a good worker, but she needs a little more willingness to jump in on things.

We had the best day so far in the photo lab, and I truly believe it is because we work our butts off to have things done timely and treat people with the utmost of respect. I'm very proud of our staff, and will continue to work at helping us increase our sales.

Another example, if my wife comes into the store to buy something, several of my co-workers call her by name and will make sure that the cosmetic girls understand she is to get the employee and family discount. That doesn't come from being hard-nosed and lazy, it comes from being there when people need you, treating everyone with respect and offering whatever help you can offer.


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