Saturday, September 20, 2008

Technology, Faith and Politics

I got a new camera that is both a still and a video camera able to record sound and act as a MP3 player. I took five pictures I wanted to save, hooked it up to my computer and thought I had transferred them - but cannot find them! I did manage to start the camera on the computer, and got an image of myself that caused me all kinds of concern until I noticed the light. So I learned to read the booklet more closely before I try something, no matter now simple it seems.

I also read an editorial column today that bothered me, a great deal! A columnist wrote that he simply could not understand when faith became more important that a paycheck. I think that is one of the problems in our country! We make a lot of noise about being a nation of faith - but we don't really live out any of that, for the most part, and wonder at people for whom faith isn't just an add-on, but rather the true grounding of their lives. Few Christians in this country would consider simply walking off the job because they weren't given time on Good Friday, Easter or Christmas off. We simply shrug and go on. When Muslims do walk off because their corporate bosses won't allow a change in break time from prayers during their high holy time, we simply cannot understand that attitude - perhaps that is why Islam is growing to challenge Christianity in the world, why Christianity no longer commands the respect it once did.

Another thing that has bothered me for a long time, and I have spoken about it in a variety of forums, is the seeming understanding that only the right-wing Christian message is indeed the only Christian voice in this country. There are a variety of voices just within the Christian community, indeed one might say a plethora of voices within that ONE faith community, and our nation is NOT a single faith nation - thanks and praise be to God!!

Sarah Palin announces that she thinks the war plans of the Bush Administration are God's plan, but doesn't have the courage to say it straight out - but rather couches it so she thinks the "stupid" public will understand that isn't her message at all! She speaks of her concern for challenged children, of her accomplishments expanding care and help - quietly avoiding mentioning that she cut the Alaska Special Olympics funding in half! She speaks of the Christian concern we should have for our families, but kicked her daughter out of the house for becoming pregnant outside of wedlock - but where was she when the relationship that could have prevented the pregnancy. And she attacks someone who is truly trying to bring people from all parts of this country together for a better future, and the restoration of our image in the world as a moral compass, a compassionate giant that can get tough, but would rather work it out without rough stuff.

I am proud to say that I have support Barak Obama for President from shortly after he announced. I have been proud to acknowledge his membership in the United Church of Christ, and pleased to watch his message of hope - change we can believe in catch on, like wildfire in some settings in spite of the shady tricks pulled to try to stop him. I am disgusted with the tone and tenor of the McCain-Palin ticket in the campaign! And I intend to start being even more vocal about my support and belief that Senators Obama and Biden represent the best hope for the recovery of our nation!


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