Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, today was another lesson! The troublesome employee of the store where I am a photo tech caused enough frustration today that I was almost beside myself with anger and frustration! Simple rules of employment like not doing personal things on company time seem to be beyond this person. Things like doing what you are paid to do seem to be beyond this employee's understanding! On a schedule that puts this person behind the main cash register, that employee is at the kiosk doing a personal order of business cards, over in another department advising another employee on how to beat the system, advising people that rightfully should be checked out at the main register to go to another register, "because the young lady there earns a commission on what she sells." Not to mention it saves this employee work!!

Yes, I was angry, frustrated and about to chew and spit nails!! I was caring for my own department and busting my butt to deal with other things I was asked to do - and this employee is schmoozing and cavorting and having all manner of good times! Then, at a later point in the day, this person comes to me and asks if I'm alright. Alright!?!?!? Yeah, I'm just fine! Tired-of-covering-your-butt fine, tired-of-filling-your-failures-to-do-your-job fine!

This employee is oblivious! So what to do? Simply really, do your job, document errant behavior, take care of customers no matter how difficult or inconvenient and allow said employee to hang themselves on the rope they keep stretching - after all, your job is to do your job.

On another note, the manager left a note that I'm not to exceed a full week on my time card, so apparently customer service ends at the designated time of my shift end - in spite of those who might be standing in front of me at the end of my shift; in spite of my request to be as close to 40 hours a week as possible due to my financial situation. OK, corporate wins! When my shift is up, I'm out of here!

Lessons learned? To do my job, take care of what I'm responsible for and asked to do, and leave the others to their own devices. Work your shift and walk away - that's all you're paid to do! Sorry that is outside my ability - when someone is standing in front of me, wanting my assistance, and the company's motto is customer service, customer service, customer service -- I just can't walk away at the end of a shift!

So learn to do what you must even if you pay for it in the end - why? Because your personal integrity is far more important that corporate desires to avoid overtime!! Be concerned about your own role and responsibilities until they are modified!!

Peace and good progress in your position!!

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