Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happiness or Bills

There is a lot of talk around our country today that we should be looking for jobs that make us happy, that happiness is the most important factor. It sounds great, doesn't it? Don't worry about finances or how your "happy job" affects those around you, just find a job you enjoy.

Well, let's look at that a bit more closely from a couple of angles. First, the job you enjoy might not be one you are particularly good at, or that people think you are good at - for whatever reason. Does that make for a good career choice? Perhaps that answer to that depends on why others think you aren't good at your career - is it because you really cannot do what needs to be done, or is it that you challenge the comfort zones they don't want challenged? Or consider the overweight, out of shape bloke who figures his happy job is NFL quarterback or corner back.

From another angle, if the family's finances are tight, and another job will offer greater pay, thus a bit more breathing room - do you stay happy or change jobs? That pressing question looms in my own life now, and I have to tell you that at this point there is no debate. Happiness will not be the final decision maker. I need the finances, so I'll make the change - because I'm sure the corporation that I currently work for won't be willing to match the possible pay rate of another job. Even if this turns into a short term job, the greater amount of money will be the deciding factor. If necessary, I'll look again.

I've found that I can do many things, and sometimes, happiness in work is highly over-rated. You can make happiness by doing what you do well, taking pride in what you do, and offering what help you can to your co-workers and supervisors.

So, consider carefully when you need to make that decision, but I'll hope you don't face it often, because it can be a tough decision.


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