Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Laugh a little

Well, another lesson of life is the need for humor! Take today. We got in the car to run a couple of errands, then drive to the town in which my wife and I work. The radio was on a classical station, there was a score playing that made me think the car was having MAJOR issues - until I heard the drum-roll at the end of that score.

We both had a good chuckle over my "WTH?" moment. That is something we need desperately in our lives right now - the ability to laugh, even at ourselves. We aren't all THAT important, after all; nor are we all that serious! Think I'm wrong? Take a look at what's still coming out of the elections - that Obama is going to establish a Marxist dictatorship, that Bush is the model of clear speak, that Sarah Palin is the victim without an justification - even though she continues to speak all manner of untruths, out-right lies, deliberate obfuscations.

If we aren't a laughable people, I don't know what is! A graduate school instructor once told a class I was in, "If you don't think God has a sense of humor - LOOK IN A MIRROR!" I remind myself of that as one of the most important lessons I was taught, and am still learning!

Think about it! Peace!!

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