Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't listen to the hype

Well, I went and talked with my boss, told him finances were really tight and if I didn't find a way to have more money, I'd have to look elsewhere - like an overnight stocker at Walmart. He told me I was the one person on staff he really didn't want to lose and he postulated that I'd be photo team lead with an increase in pay and mentioned the 6 month raise of 3% that would put me within range of that overnight stocker position with the premiums I've been earning. Sounded really good!

Then this week, he began to waffle. He showed me reports that said the coworker I was in competition for this position had beaten me in every category in the last month. Today I went in and he informed me he "had to give it" to my coworker based on the month's report. I've had an assistant manager telling me I would be it. Today that coworker came in to help unload the truck and stock shelves - I was pulled out of the lab to work truck and he was put in the lab.

So I have a pretty clear picture of my role in this store! If I'm offered a full time, permanent position at the other "W," I'm gone and no regrets. I've worked my backside off to earn that position since the store opened in late July, to be told one month was enough for me to lose it. Not even my coworker can believe it, and has been apologizing to me for getting the position. I'm telling him it is not his fault, and I mean it. My frustration is with a 30 year old boss that doesn't have the hutzpa to be boss.

Another lesson learned! Peace!

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