Sunday, December 7, 2008

What a birthday!

Turning 60 was really something! My daughter got tickets to the Denver Broncos-Kansas City Chiefs at Invesco Field. We arrived really early, stopped at the restrooms and found our seats. The section slowly filled, and we were lucky enough to have nice people on either side of us. The couple next to my daughter was a unequally yoked couple - he was for KC, she was for Denver - and the two next to me were two young guys. We shared stories, comments, angst over difficulties and screaming deliriously at the good plays. The shouting of celebrating fans was audible two blocks away.

Unfortunately there were obnoxious people for both teams - an unfortunate part of professional sporting events. There was an inebriated KC fan a few rows above us that spilled beer on the two people in front of him, and yelled offensive comments at the woman who rides the horse across the field for touchdowns. And there were drunken Denver fans that heckled KC fans offensive ways.

And my wife bought the expansion for World of Warcraft so I would be on the same level as my daughter, with whom I game regularly. AND I got to spend time with our grandson!

Turning 60 was no problem at all, in fact it was pretty doggone NICE! So don't worry about it, aging old is natural, but you don't have to grow old! I'm proof, and enjoying every moment of it!

Peace, and remember the Broncos won on my first trip, for my birthday!!! ;-)

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