Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Almost there, almost there

That line from Star Wars IV seems particularly appropriate as I move toward the opening of the new Walgreen's store. I worked a lot ( a lot!) over the last two days. Tomorrow I will have a mandatory meeting to attend, but I'm off - and I intend to take it easy! I'm finding out that when you are willing to step in where and when you are needed, respect comes readily from all one's co-workers, even to joking with you about sloughing off!

I've earned the respect of the district team, the respect of my co-workers at the store, and the respect of my supervisory crew. Now I need to translate that to the relationship with our customers. You see Walgreen's hold firmly that customer service is job number one. We are to make sure the phone is answered by the third ring, stop what you are doing and help the customer in the aisle with you, and do all you can to solve a person's concern. We've joked that with all the stocking we have been doing, we should be able to walk to nearly any item in the store upon request!

Respect, that which is becoming a scarce commodity in our time. One is too busy, too focused on "me" to note that someone around us might need some help. One doesn't want to be involved with the difficulties of those others. Yet -

My beloved and I have found that there are always people with the need for a listening ear, respect for that other as a person, and a willingness to put ourselves out a bit to help. That has proven to be a winning combination in being able to help others.

Think about it!


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