Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hard Work

I'm learning that setting up a new store isn't a lot of fun - it's a lot of hard work! There are shelves to set and prep. There is merchandise to unload from trucks and move into the store and the stock room. There are repacks of items sent over as overstocks from other stores to be dealt with. There are new co-workers to get to know, adjust to, and learn how to work with. There are early hours, long hours, few breaks and aching joints.

Yet I've learned that hard work earns respect and appreciation. The younger set may tease a bit, but they also know who will help them get things taken care of - a plus when they will be helping you make your job work.

So three days of preparations at our new Walgreens takes us to the point we were able to leave early and get some much needed rest. But it also got us notice that we are to be there Monday morning bright and early to unload another truck with more fixtures, and probably more merchandise to put away.

But we are starting to look like a store!! So we will work on and provide product, customer service and friendliness for the citizens of the area we serve.


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