Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trust the Force, Luke!

Well, maybe my name isn't Luke, and maybe the guy at Noritsu wasn't the force, but I sure learned to trust that helpline yesterday! They put those techs there for a reason! I was working along doing my job as a photo tech when the paper processor suddenly said, "PAPER JAM!" I did all the things they taught me, NO GOOD! I called one of the techs that trained me, NO GOOD! Finally, and finally for the last time, I called the hotline. The tech walked me through all I had done, and calmly helped me hold it together. When all had been checked, he said, "Well, let's try to clear the error now." I did, and the machine started to work again - as we waited, I said, "If this works, BLESS YOU!" He laughed, and assured me they would be there if we had another issue!

So today I get the spiral bound book for us to chart problems, including logging in yesterday's adventure, and we continue the adventure. So when you need a tech line - trust them, though sometimes they won't have the answers.

Another lesson learned! Life is one big lesson, don't you know.


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